Mortgage Management


Managing a mortgage portfolio in an optimal and efficient manner is a challenging task, especially if it is being financed by different institutions varying in their terms and conditions. With Hyrock's portfolio management services, you can place this activity in the hands of professionals.

«We manage your portfolio, reduce your risk and optimise your return.»

Our approach

  1. Data collection
  2. Assessment of the current situation
  3. Definition of the portfolio strategy
  4. Implementation and management
  5. Monitoring and controlling
  6. Recurring reporting

You have the overview and can make the right decisions.

The foundation for managing your mortgage portfolio is the collection of all relevant data. We work together to check the data’s quality and completeness. You will always have an overview, regardless of the institution where your properties are financed. The methodical collection and analysis of data enables us to precisely assess your financing situation. The main focus is on the average maturity, the average interest rate and the debt-equity ratio applied.

«Mortgages generally make up the largest liability segment within a real estate portfolio. Minor changes in interest rates and conditions can have a major impact.»

In the market.

Together we will determine the right performance and risk indicators for you. With this basis, we will implement the defined strategy. This will also include our monitoring of maturities and extending them. We will actively manage your mortgage portfolio and provide you with regular, detailed and concise updates.

Your Advantages

  • Integrated and consolidated overview of all mortgages and lenders
  • Professional risk assessment
  • Return optimisation
  • More transparency and efficiency
  • Tailor-made survey

Your Advantages

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