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Bridge-loan for a swift purchase of an investment property in the greater Zurich area with a LTV of 80%

Veröffentlicht von René Roth, 31.10.2019

We were able to arrange a bespoke financing structure to a client who was urgently looking for a mortgage financing solution to purchase a residential investment property in a matter of days. Due to the very high interest on the buyers’ side, fast action was required with regards to the bidding as well as the acquisition timing process. The borrower required a mortgage of 80% of the purchase price.

Key figures

  • Fully rented investment property (residential) 
  • Purchase Price: CHF 4.0m
  • Mortgage loan with a LTV of 80% of the purchase price
  • Short-term bridge loan through a private investor
  • First ranked mortgage note security
  • Net yield for the private investor: 8.00% p.a.
  • Traditional loan 10 years fixed at 0.78% p.a.

Mandate and solution

As a result of the more and more restrictive lending policy of traditional lenders in combination with the time-consuming and rigid processing of mortgage requests, our client was not able to find an appropriate financing in time. Therefore, Hyrock was mandated to arrange a fast financing in form of a bridge-loan. With our support a private Investor provided our client with the needed capital over an investment horizon of 3 months, for which he was compensated with 8.00% interest rate p.a. After 2 months Hyrock successfully secured a long-term loan through a traditional lender and the bridge-loan was fully repaid.

Your advantages with Hyrock

  • Understanding the specific and challenging needs 
  • Fast financing solutions tailored to your needs
  • Deal and transaction closing within 5 working days 
  • Support of private investors providing capital in form of mortgages
  • Attractive risk vs. return 
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