Real estate


Our holistic assessment of your property forms the basis for financing solutions as well as for your purchase and sale decisions. We are able to implement these for you in a discreet and efficient way via our broad network.

 «Due to their high level of expertise, our experts are not only able to independently evaluate the property, but also to recognise its potential.»


We prepare realistic valuations based on the many years of experience and solid expertise of our experts. This enables us to determine a precise position for your future strategy.


Recognising potential

In a valuation, you benefit on the one hand from the sound specialist knowledge of our experts, and on the other hand from the broad experience gained from countless financings. We have access to exclusive data that goes far beyond the value of the property, such as realised financing or completed renovations. For us, the valuation is always part of a holistic analysis, which serves as a starting point for future ideas and developments. We can provide you with comprehensive advice without any conflicts of interest, and work out financing solutions specific to your situation.

Our approach

  1. Analysis of requirements
  2. On-site visit
  3. Detailed valuation
  4. Conversation with recommendation
  5. Issuing of expert report

Your advantages

  • Advice is in the focus
  • Independent analysis
  • Identification of potential
  • Extensive experience and use of the latest technology
  • Fee model without commissions 
  • Financing and/or sale through Hyrock possible

Acquisition & sale

We provide independent advice on the optimum purchase price and other parameters for your project. When selling your property, you will benefit from discreet handling via our broad network. We will also show you possible alternatives, such as bridging finance, so that you can achieve the best possible sale price within the necessary time frame.


Exclusive and discreet

We find the right property for you or sell your abject discreetly through our network and support you in all technical matters. Before a transaction, we advise you on possible alternatives (increasing the mortgage, structuring, succession planning, etc.) and thus find the best course of action for you. Tax and legal aspects as well as cross-border issues are included in the assessment and systematically optimised. 

Your advantages

  • Independent advice
  • Realistic assessment and evaluation
  • Discreet handling via a broad network