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Increase of CHF 4.6 million or 33% achieved

Published by Michael Rose, 24.03.2021

A professional real estate investor mandated us to redeem the existing mortgages of CHF 13.7 million and to arrange an increase of CHF 2 million or a maximum possible additional loan at attractive interest rates. We achieved an increase of 33% up to CHF 18.3 million.

Key Figures

  • 5 multi-family houses in German-speaking Switzerland 
  • Mortgage amount of at least CHF 13.7 million
  • Libor or fixed-rate mortgage up to 10 years
  • Amortisation: within the usual range
  • Financing, if possible through 1 institution 

Task and Solution

The objective was to redeem the existing mortgages of the 5 apartment buildings in the total amount of CHF 13.7 million and to obtain an additional increase for further investments in properties. This was done under the above-mentioned parameters of the investor.

We were able to offer our client two convincing solutions, although the initial situation was challenging. Both variants provided financing at one institution, as requested. The first solution offered a fixed-rate mortgage of CHF 13.7 million with an additional increase of CHF 1.8 million over 5 years at 0.57%. The second offer included the redemption of the CHF 13.7 million with a Libor mortgage at 0.95% combined with an additional credit of CHF 4.6 million. Our client opted for the second option, as the increase of the mortgage by CHF 4.6 million was the decisive argument and much higher than expected. Thanks to this significant increase in the loan amount at attractive conditions, nothing prevents our client from making further investments. 

Your advantages with Hyrock

  • Understanding the special requirements 
  • Evaluation of the real estate portfolio
  • Analysis the existing financings 
  • Complete market overview and transparency 
  • Implementation of specifications and wishes
  • Best available offer on the market
  • Success-based fee model
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