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Financing of a restaurant achieved with 73.5% loan-to-value ratio

Published by Michael Rose, 15.11.2021

A large hospitality operator with several restaurants and hotels mandated us to arrange the financing for the purchase of a restaurant. The property includes a classic restaurant, a nightclub and several apartments. The desired financing structure should have a loan-to-value ratio of 70% at attractive interest rates. We provided three competitive offers from different banks.

Key Figures

  • 1 property with restaurant, night club and apartments
  • Mortgage amount of 70% of market value
  • Libor or fixed-rate mortgage up to 10 years
  • Amortisation: within the usual rang

Task and Solution

The goal was to obtain a loan for the property in order to convert it from a rental relationship to ownership.

Thanks to the sound analysis and the potential of the property, we were able to present three attractive solutions to our client. Although the initial situation was challenging and conditions for restaurants are not easy at the moment due to the covid pandemic. All financing options offered the desired loan amount, but with different interest rates and amortizations. Our client chose the best combination for him in terms of loan amount (73.5% loan-to-value) interest rate, amortization and sympathy with the bank. Thanks to the organization of the loan, the purchase of the property was completed as desired and the client now has a free hand to realize further ideas in the gastronomy / nightclub and apartments on his own.

Your advantages with Hyrock

  • Understanding the special requirements 
  • Evaluation of the real estate portfolio
  • Analysis the existing financings 
  • Complete market overview and transparency 
  • Implementation of specifications and wishes
  • Best available offer on the market
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